2022: CICF, UTS, University of Hamburg

2021: 20th FDIC/JFSR Bank Research Conference, Monash University, FIRN Women, MFA (discussant), CICF (discussant), AFA (discussant)

EFA, Econometric Society's World Congress, UBC Winter Finance Conference, AFA (discussant of 2 papers), Goethe University**, University of Muenster**, ANU CBE Experts Series, NY Fed Credit Sensitivity Group, NY Fed Commercial Lending Forum, Bank Policy Institute, NYU Courant Institute

2019: SFS Cavalcade Asia*, Massey University, FIRN AP Meeting (discussant), EPFL Lausanne, German Finance Association (2 papers), University of Melbourne, QUT Corporate Finance Conference, CICF*, WFA (2 papers), SFS Cavalcade, First Dolomites Winter Finance Conference, Finance Down Under Conference (discussant), Victoria University of Wellington, QUT, University of Hamburg

2018: HKU, HKUST, Macquarie University, NUS, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Australian Office of Financial Management, WFA (discussant), Goethe University, University of Hamburg, University of Hannover, 2018 Financial Risk Day (plenary talk), MFA, UC Riverside

* presented by co-author
** to be rescheduled