Recent work

Dealer Inventory, Short Interest and Price Efficiency in the Corporate Bond Market with Y. Zhu (Presented at EPFL Lausanne; WFA; QCFC; FIRN Asset Pricing Meeting; FIFI; Financial Risk Day; MFA)
The Decline of Too Big to Fail with D. Duffie and Y. Zhu (Presented at CICF; WFA; SFS Cavalcade; SFS Cavalcade Asia; First Dolomites Winter Finance Conference; German Finance Association; University of Melbourne; QUT; Massey University; Victoria University of Wellington; ANU; University of Hamburg)
How Does Low for Long Impact Credit Risk Premia? with J. Helwege (Presented at 62nd Economic Conference of the Boston Fed, NUS, HKUST, HKU, Maquarie University)
"Competition in the Financial Advisory Market: Robo versus Traditional Advisors" with S. Yeltekin and H. Yu (Presentations at QMF, FinTech Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)
The Credit and Liquidity Effects of Hedge Fund Activism (Presentations at SMF conference, HEC Montreal)